Due to the current situation, several countries require that a negative PCR test be submitted, carried out 48-72 hours in advance (depending on the country), at the time of entry, so the programming of the PCR study is essential.

Now we offer you the possibility of carrying out your PCR from your home or residence (in Spain). As simple as purchasing your test well in advance. Take the sample and send it to the laboratory 48 hours before the trip and you will have your results 24 hours before your flight.

Example: if you have to travel on Saturday, July 17, it would be appropriate for the sample to be taken on Thursday, July 15 in the afternoon (before 6:00 p.m., which is when the courier picks up) to have the results report on Friday, 16 July from 4pm in the afternoon.

If the sample is taken in the laboratory (Malaga), you will receive the results the same day. Sample collection from Monday to Thursday until 12:00 pm, results are delivered around 16:00 hours. Fridays and Saturdays sampling until 11:30 am, results delivered around 2:00 pm. (prior appointment at 633 298 761, we have no waiting list).

Due to the impossibility of transporting samples, it is not possible to carry out this PCR test for passengers who fly on Tuesday before noon.

Find out more by calling: +34 633 298 761 (from 09:00 to 18:00 hours ) or by writing an email to

We will attend you in any language

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115,00€ 95,00€
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The PACKS for the Saliva Covid PCR Test include the following material for each test received:

  • 1 information sheet
  • 2 informed consent sheets (one for the patient and one for the laboratory).
  • 1 saliva collector and container watertight bag
  • Shipping box
  • Shipping bag for courier with the laboratory address.

** In no case will the test analysis be carried out by the purchaser of the pack. This analysis will be carried out in the Genologica laboratories